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10 Best Learning Websites for Kids


It might be your case that you are often so busy and have to take care of children at the same time. Many parents attest to the fact that the most peaceful time is when their kids are either asleep or glued to a screen.

While it may be boring to sit and watch, some websites are available to keep the kids engaged and learning.

  1. Sesame street

This is one colorful and full of fun ‘online street’ that your kids will definitely love. It has many fun activities including art making and educational videos that will not only entertain your kids but will also help them learn new stuff every time.

  1. National Geographic Kids

Another one of the best learning websites for kids is the national geographic kids. It features videos, games, animal education and so much more. It also has badges that are a good way to entice the kids. You’ll be proud going to the zoo and hearing your kid point out animals and give facts about them.

  1. Cool Math

This is yet another of the best learning websites for kids. Its specialty-mathematics! Math would have been extremely fun for some of us if this site existed then. Maybe even –if the internet did exist! Your kid may be a math genius and you wish to keep the momentum, or it may be the other way round that he or she does not like math. This site is great both ways!

  1. Make Me Genius

Every parent takes pride in their children especially when they blend in well with others in any kind of scenario. This website provides an all-round learning process that is filled with fun and includes also jokes for kids which makes it also one of the best learning websites for kids.

  1. Disney Jr. Educational

Available in different languages, the Disney Jr. Educational website provides one of the best learning platforms for kids all around the world. It has games, videos and many more fun filled activities for the kids.

  1. Old Farmer’s Almanac

This is another of our favorites. It can help nurture your child’s wisdom and introduce them to various forms of intellectual humor. Furthermore, the riddles and puzzles in this website improves their problem solving and critical thinking abilities which are very important especially in today’s society.

  1. Discovery Kids

The discovery channel has been one of our favorites for many years. Now, with their kid’s channel available online, you can’t help but love it even more. The site has many activities as well for kids including puzzles and quizzes.

  1. BBC History for Kids

If you really want to know how important this website is for your kids, try giving yours a radio cassette or a landline telephone. Their puzzled faces will automatically direct you to this website. It’s a great way to connect with your child as they read through history and you marvel in those that existed in your younger years and are no longer in existence. That’s how anthropologists become.

  1. How stuff works

You’ve probably seen a number of ‘Do –It-Yourself’ videos and wondered how this people got make life so easy. Well, it all started somewhere. How stuff works website provides learning activities for kids in various fields such as technology, money matters, science, culture and so on. Great way to provide all round education for your kid.

  1. TIME for Kids

TIME Magazine keeps us informed on matters of our concern. They also thought it wise to also keep our kids informed in matters of their concern. Time for kids is another of the best learning websites for kids on environment, sports, health and so much more including politics!