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4 Tips for Effective Time Management


Time management is a success defining skill for any person. If you want to be successful, you must be able to manage your time in the best manner. This is one of those skills that bring satisfaction in your life.

Basically time management is the way you plan, organize and prioritize tasks. It focuses more on doing high priority tasks with superb quality within the given span of time. It gives you work-life balance and let you complete all your responsibilities in a good manner. In simple words, it lets you do everything you want to do in your life.

But, time management is really a difficult to attain skill. You might have noticed yourself being short of time for your favorite activities. You are unable to maintain your work-life balance and stay in state of frustration. All because you find it difficult to delegate time to every task or you are poor in prioritizing task.
Here are 5 proven tips following which you will be able to better manage your time.

Plan your day

Don’t start your day haphazardly, instead take few minutes to plan your day properly. Make a list of tasks you have for that day. Make two lists; one for workplace work and other for personal or household work. Obviously, office work, you will have to manage within office hours and personal work, either you can do before office hours or after office hours. Every day, you should be cleared about what you have to do for that day.

Prioritize your tasks

Once you have list of tasks in hand, the next thing to do is to prioritize them. Your list will have some tasks that are necessary and critical, necessary but not critical, not necessary but critical, and neither necessary nor critical. Prioritize your tasks in the same order as they are mentioned here, with the top most priority given to necessary and critical task and least priority to neither necessary nor critical task. Remember to keep few timeslots free for any unexpected work or hurdle.

Follow scientific management

Now when you have priority wise tasks in your hand, start with task 1. Follow scientific management approach to do quality work and within the given time span. Scientific management is dividing a task into small units and then completing them one by one. Scientific management approach is highly preferred as it gives you hope and make it easy to do rather than a big chunk of work which may scare you in first place.

Leverage technology

You can use technology to manage your time better. There are many time management software and apps available that have automated operations for generating to-do lists, prioritize tasks, delegate tasks and let you track progress on each task. One of such apps is JIRA. It lets you define targets, objectives and help you keep track of how much time is spent on each task.

These tips will surely give you great time management skills. These will enable you to use your time efficiently and complete all tasks on hand without getting stressed or overworked.