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5 Freelance Careers You Must Consider


Freelancers are self-employed personnel who work for multiple companies and individuals at once. They have freedom to choose their projects and companies with whom they want to work. Freelancing is best for those people who want to earn from home. There are various companies out there offering freelance work opportunities in variety of fields.

Hiring a freelancer is also preferable by many employers. In this way they can get their work done at a quite nominal cost without need to permanently hire an individual or bearing any operational expense. This’s why, freelance work industry is growing day by day creating a lot of opportunities for home based workers.

If you possess any skill and experience, you can make good income by working from home on freelance basis. You have to gradually build up your reputation by offering convincing work to employers so that you may also be hired again.

Many freelance websites are working and offering job opportunities to freelancers. Some websites where you can find freelance jobs are:

  • Elance
  • Upwork
  • iFreelance
  • Toptal
  • Guru

Create your profile on any or all of these websites. All these websites offer freelance jobs in variety of fields. The top categories in which you can easily find a job are:

Programing, development and designing

If you know how to design and you can work in PHP, .Net, Java or any other computer language, you’ll probably be able to earn a handsome amount through coding and graphic designing jobs. Programing jobs are usually about software and mobile app development. Knowledge about WordPress can be helpful for web development.

Freelance Writing and copywriting

If you are creative and have good writing skills, you must try article writing, blogs, ghost writing and copy writing (Writing content for webpages and product descriptions, etc.)

Sales and Marketing

Media marketing is vital for promotion of brands and services. From small local shops to big corporations, every company now use social networks to promote their brand. You can work with big brands as affiliates and work to sale and promote their products and services under specific terms and conditions.

Teaching and Tutoring

You can teach online over Skype or through other video calling apps. You have to give lectures in various meeting sessions. You can teach either high school subjects like math, biology, English etc. or programing languages like C++, SQL etc.


If you have knowledge of various world languages especially French, German, English etc. then you can earn handsome amount by becoming a translator. Translation jobs are one of highly demanded jobs on freelance websites.

Some sites require academic and experience certification. In early stages of freelancing, you may have fear of job-security. Your income and workload may vary each month. Some jobs also require online availability that might affect your weekend or vacations, especially if you belong to other time zones. Although it may not be a career path for everyone as many people prefer 9 to 5 jobs, but if you want to use your spare time or need extra money, you must motivate yourself for freelancing.