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5 Signs That Show You Are Overworked


Do you think you are working hard? Think again, are you really working hard? Chances are you are doing over work which you are confusing with hard work.

Even, hard work is not considered as the best working approach. Best is to work smart rather than hard. Smart work means to accomplish a task intuitively that tends to get it done quickly, with the minimum stress and utilizing minimum resources.

In quest of working smart, people often get themselves overworked without realizing that this overwork is spoiling them in long-run.

How can you spot whether you are working hard or have taken extra-burden over your shoulders? If you ever feel more stressed out, not satisfied with the quality of your work, and are not happy with your productivity; chances are you are overworking.

Here are few factors analyzing which you can spot out if you are overworking.

You get irritated on petty matters

When you are over-worked, you become emotionally unstable. You start losing control over emotions and shows irritation even on petty matters and without any serious reason. Staying in bad mood without any reason is the point that shows you are overworked and desperately need a break. So take a break, take some deep breaths and relax to calm down your nerves.

You forget things

When you are overworked, you surround your mind with so many things that you start losing focus and tend to forget things. You don’t remember that where did you place that important report or where you have placed your wallet or mobile. Things can go even worst when you start forgetting important commitments and meetings. So before you get seriously scolded by your boss on forgetting an important meeting, lessen your work load to keep your memory in control.

Your workspace is littered

When you are overworked, you stop caring about your workspace. When overworked, you will see clutter around you. Because you are so indulged in work that you forget to put those empty wrappers and boxes into dust bin. All this clutter does nothing good to you but tends to make you more stressful. So, take only that volume of work you which you can handle easily.

You are not satisfied with your work quality

When you overwork, you may expect quality of your work to rise. But, fact is, quality suffers when you are overburdened with work. Because when you take more than you can handle, you are exposed to time shortage. This makes you unable to pay deserving attention to your tasks. Just to meet deadlines, you tend to complete tasks without caring about the quality. This adds to your internal dissatisfaction related to your work.

You are taking your office work to home

The major sign of being overworked is when you are unable to complete your work within your office hours and have to take office work to your home too. This is never regarded as a good practice. You should always keep your office work restricted to your office. It may put your office information at risk of exposure which may put your job at risk.
Analyze yourself in light of these points and spot out whether you are overworked or not. If yes, immediately take measures to lessen your workload. Otherwise, you may get yourself trapped in problems which will be harmful to your career.