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5 Ways You Can Renovate Your Home


If you are living in same house for years and you cannot afford to buy a new and modern looking house, it is possible to upgrade and renovate your home without buying anything expensive.

Before doing anything, it is necessary to make a right plan from the start. It will save your time and money. It is good to get inspiration from latest trends and try to make such plans which are easily executable.

Don’t compromise on quality as what you pay is what you get. If you are not in position to afford new things, you may prefer the leftover stock which is not only cheaper but has quite better quality.

If you are hiring a contractor/designer, make sure he/she is trustworthy and if you are doing it yourself than personal safety should be your priority. Before you do it yourself, it is good to get some acquaintance with the latest trends. For that you can search online or browse interior décor or home renovation magazines. In this article, we have also gathered few easy and modern methods that will certainly give a new and refreshing look to your home.

Reposition your accessories

If you are not planning to buy anything new, then it is better to reposition your accessories to create some extra space. Changing the position of furniture, wall frames, rugs; a new fabric to your furniture can give a new look to your space. While rearranging the accessories you must need to clear the clutter to give a tidier look.

Add something new

You can give inexpensive finishing touches to make a huge difference. You can install new blinds or curtains in the windows; change your lampshade; change your doorknobs or handles of cabinets; change the colors of walls and doors. Try to go for earthly tones to create a spacious look.

Focus on one shade

Go for monotones and just add a little of contrast color. You must keep weather in your mind. For example, use warm shades to create a soothing environment in winter time. Similarly, pastel shades are best for creating cool environment in summers. Use color harmonies to make your home best looking.

Hang mirror and artwork

To increase the light or space you should add more mirrors. For instance, if there is enough space to hang two mirrors, try to hand them on opposite walls to give a wide look to the room or hallway. Also add a new look to your hanging photos and art by simply changing their frames.

Decorate with plants

Try to give more natural fresh environment to your family by putting plants both indoors and out. Use the size of pots according to the size of place. You can use wall pots for outdoors as well. Just paint the pots to give a more colorful look.

This is how you can give an entirely new look to your home without incurring any major expense. Be creative, read art and craft magazines, and browse internet to stay updated with the latest home renovation trends.