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6 Body Language Habits You Need To Avoid To Be Successful


Whatever we do and in whichever profession we are, we work towards success. Being successful is goal of every human being and successful people are role models for others. Everybody tends to walk on their path to be successful like them.

Although there are many things that successful people do while others not. In this article I am going to shed light on body language habits of successful people.

The difference is that we do not pay any heed to body language whereas successful people do. We just keep on giving gestures not caring about what message we are exactly conveying. You have no idea that how much important our body language is.

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication that conveys our unspoken thoughts. It includes our gestures, facial expressions, voice tone and posture. It is really important to know which gestures you should avoid to stay away from conveying undesirable signals. According to a research, people who know the art of body language are said to possess high level of emotional intelligence.

If you ever have observed successful people, you might have observed them never doing any gesture as listed below.

Never Hunch

Never ever sit in a hunched position. Whenever you sit, sit with a straight back. Hunched position depicts lack of self-confidence. On the contrary, straight posture signals confident and powerful position.

Never make a weak handshake

Whenever you shake hand, make a firm shake hand. A weak shake hand implies insecurity and lack of confidence. Make a firm handshake to show your confidence and interest in meeting the person.

Don’t hide your face:

Sometimes people have habit of placing elbows on the table and hands on face below chin to support it. This is not a desirable gesture at all. It shows disrespect and lack of interest. Sit with straight posture and your hands delicately put in front of you on table.

Never cross arms

When you cross your arms, it implies that you do not agree or you are trying to hide something. This is especially dangerous position if you are in an interview.  While open arms suggests an agreeable and open position.

Never touch your hair during conversation

If you are in habit of touching and playing with your hair all the time, immediately stop it. It does not look decent and shows your insecurity and lack of confidence. Focus on conversation rather than to play with your hair.

Never make intense eye contact

Some times on face of making an appropriate eye-contact, people make either too intense or too little eye contact. This is not suitable at all, in fact it irritates the other party. The solution is just keep a natural eye contact and take pauses at intervals.

These pieces of advice regarding your body language aims to tune your style to make you look more confident. Follow these and let the world know that you can and you will.