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Free Google Alerts Alternatives

It has been a relief so far for Google darling since the launch of new Google alternatives. According the recent Forbes article, Google has introduced new alternatives to Google alerts. This new tool is able to send email updates of the latest results of Google i.e. web, news based on your questions.

Free Google Alerts Alternatives

Google-Alerts-AlternativesAccording to Google, this tool will enable you manage your online identity more efficiently. The following are the free google alerts alternatives tools that are good alternatives to Google Alerts:

Talkwalker Alerts: This product has been touted as one of the best alternative to Google Alerts out there in the market. It is a free tool which is also easy to use. Just like in Google Alerts, this tool can allow you to monitor the web concerning new content about your brand, name, competitors, favorite topics, events and it will then allow alerts about these to be delivered to your RSS reader or inbox.

Mention : This tool has also been branded as one of the best alternatives to Google alerts. Mention as it is known, is able to allow you create alerts on your brand, name, and your industry and on your competitors from different social networks, forums, new sites, blogs or any web page.  This tool will offer you free and paid options and it is therefore upon you to choose the appropriate plan for yourself. On either plan you will get alerts via push notifications to your iOSs or Andraoid device or get a daily or weekly email digest. They offer free and paid plans.

Social mention is another Google alerts alternative that was recently launched. This tool is able to offer advanced search plan that works across comments and blogs, 80+ social media properties, events, images, bookmarks, video and audio and assigns a “sentiment” “strength,” or “passion, “designation to search results. If you among those who have been looking for assistance regarding the best alternatives to Google alerts, then probably you have got the best list choose from.

You can choose Mention, social Mention or Talkwalker alerts and get your job done correctly. Thanks!

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