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Hajj 2014 Pakistan – Latest Updates about Government Hajj 2014 Scheme

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter Faith Harmony (MORA & IF), Government of Pakistan has started first phase of Hajj 2014 operation in Pakistan. In first Step the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter Faith Harmony (MORA & IF), Government of Pakistan seeks the expression of interest from scheduled banks for providing following services on the terms and conditions given below for Hajj 2014 Pakistan.

Hajj 2015 Pakistan – Latest Updates about Government Hajj Scheme 2015

Latest Updates:

Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Friday announced the names of 53,814 successful applicants of Government Hajj Scheme selected on first come first serve basis. You can Check the list of successful candidates here

The government announced the new Hajj Policy for the current year on Wednesday, under which 143,368 Pakistanis would perform Hajj in 2014, Radio Pakistan reported.


Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said that the government and private Hajj group organisers will operate on a 50-50 quota.

He added that banks will start accepting Hajj applications from April 21 and all applications under the government scheme would be entertained on first-come-first-served basis.

The policy states that anyone who has performed Hajj during the last five years will not be eligible to partake in the pilgrimage this year except for those people who will be going as ‘Mehram’ or the ones performing ‘Hajj-e-Badal’.

The Hajj package under the government scheme will cost Rs262,231 for those pilgrims travelling from Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur, while those travelling from Peshawar, Islamabad, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Faisalabad and Sialkot will have to pay Rs272,231.

The package is almost 16 per cent lower than the package offered in 2013 when they were priced at Rs285,070 and Rs295,070.

In relation to the draft policy for 2014, the package rates indicate that the return airfare to and from Saudi Arabia will cost Rs66,372 for those travelling from Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur, while those travelling from other stations will be charged to pay Rs76,372. These costs are included in the hajj packages mentioned.

Read the Silent Features of Hajj 2014 Policy here

Below is the actual context of announcement made by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter Faith Harmony (MORA & IF), Government of Pakistan.

Read the Latest information about Hajj 2014 Pakistan:


Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony
Government of Pakistan

Directorate General Hajj, Consulate General of Pakistan,
Office of Pilgrim Affairs Pakistan (OPAP) Jeddah

Guidelines for Selection of Buildings for Stay of Hujjaj at Makkah
Haj 2014 (1435 H)

The Directorate General Hajj, Consulate General of Pakistan, (Office of Pilgrim Affairs Pakistan) Jeddah will be hiring accommodation for about 57,000 hujjaj arriving from Pakistan under the government scheme for Hajj 2014/1435. In order to make improved arrangements for Pakistani hujjaj, the foremost amongst which is hiring, this process of acquiring comfortable accommodation shall be through a transparent and objective process; the following terms and conditions will be followed in this process.

1. All buildings will be hired by the Hiring Committee designated in the Hajj Policy 20131 on the basis of Saudi Hajj Taleemat and the provisions of the Hajj Policy read with instructions from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan.

2. The basic terms and process will be as provided in these guidelines. However, interested persons may obtain a copy of the agreements signed between the OPAP and building owners/lessors in 1434/2013 to acquaint themselves of the mechanism and conditions of hiring of buildings for Pakistani hujjaj. However, OPAP reserves the right to make further amendments in the 2013 agreement which shall be provided to any Saudi Owner/mustajir with whom the OPAP intends to enter into a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter MoU) of his.her reading prior to signing.

3. Owners/Mustajir i.e. legal title/ lease holders (Saudi nationals only) who intend to lease out their buildings may apply directly to the OPAP, Consulate General Pakistan, Jeddah on the designated form along with the following documents at any time before the hiring is completed, a notice of which will be publicly displayed in OPAP Jeddah premises.

(i) Original tasreeh for year 1435; in case of non-availability of currently valid tasreeh the original tasreeh for 1434/2013 shall be produced. (However in the latter case, even if a MOU is signed for acquiring the building, it shall only be an interim MoU for which no payment shall be made until the original tasreeh valid for 1435 is produced within the time frame that hujjaj accommodation numbers are still available with OPAP):

ii) A vakala sharia from the owner/ mustajir indicating that the person depositing the application is empowered to do so/sub-let it to the OPAP by the owner to do so; in this case, the opinion of the OPAP

– after due diligence of the vakala

– will be final.

Throughout the hiring period this person shall make himself available to receive any correspondence from OPAP or depute another person in writing for this purpose. The fax number/email provided in the application shall be deemed to be the legal channel for correspondence.

iii) A personal affidavit stating the following

– the building has an equal number of rooms and bathrooms

– the general condition of the building is excellent,

– the building is free of any encumbrance (e.g. ownership/legal disputes)

– all requirements / facilities/amenities etc., specified in Saudi Taleemat are available/shall become available in time for the
arrival of the hujjaj.

– Additional space, if available over and above the tasreeh capacity shall be available for use by OPAP for the welfare of Hujjaj including for offices, dispensary, accommodation of staff (including drivers) etc. without any additional cost.

In case this affidavit is found to be incorrect, the applicant may be permanently barred from depositing buildings in the future.

(iii) Application to be accompanied by a location map, clearly specifying all markers for easy identification of buildings and also the “crookie” (floor plan) of the whole building whether or not the building was hired by OPAP in the previous years;

(iv) The applications will only be personally deposited after being checked and approved by the Director General, or in his absence by any other member of the Hiring Committee in OPAP Office Jeddah who is designated by the DG.

(v) The receipt and depositing of an application shall in no way confer the right of inspection (or selection) of a building.

(vi) By the act of depositing an application the applicant shall automatically be considered to have accepted all the terms and
conditions governing the hiring of buildings by OPAP.

3. The process of acquisition of accommodation for Haj 2014 (1435 H) commences with the publication of an invitation in the local newspapers and MORA’s website.

4. After the buildings’ applications have been deposited OPAP shall start the initial inspection; however, this need not be the basis of date or serial number of submission and any building can be inspected or visited at any time and according to a priority that shall be solely at the discretion of the Hiring Committee.

5. Hiring shall be on the basis of the tasreeh/ tasneef (hujjaj housing permit) issued by the Makkah municipal authority/ Ministry of Commerce. However, OPAP reserves the right to reduce the number of hujjaj appearing in the tasreeh/tasneef; in such a case, the offering party shall be informed prior to the agreement. In any case, a measurement of the floor space of the building would be made to ascertain the capacity of the rooms. Under no circumstances a building should be hired at a capacity which exceeds the legal capacity mentioned in the Tasreeh. In case of hotel-type buildings issued with a tasneef i.e. hotel registration permit issued by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, OPAP shall fix an optimum and mutually acceptable capacity for the hotel taking into account the hotel’s general condition, proximity to the Harum and other factors.

6. Generally new or well-maintained buildings of recent origin, with capacity not less than 200 hujjaj, having adequate lift facilities, equal number of rooms and bathrooms and located in “clusters” will be hired for pilgrims

7. The distance of the building will be measured from the outermost periphery of the Harum i.e. black-top road to the building by the shortest route.

8. All rooms in every new building offered for selection will be measured. Measurements by other clients during earlier years, and capacities mentioned by them on the doors of the buildings will not be taken into consideration.

9. In no case will the payment of the first instalment of 50% will be made prior to provision of a valid tasreeh (especially when MoU is made on the basis of last year\s tasreeh).

10. OPAP has no agent and only Saudi nationals/owners/Mustajirs are informed to contact the OPAP directly. In case any problems are encountered or any complaints generated these should be immediately brought to the attention of the Director General Hajj or the Consul General of Pakistan, Jeddah on the following contacts directly; all reports shall be treated confidentially;

Directorate General of Hajj, Consulate General of Pakistan, Jeddah

Cell: 0504517632; Fax: 012-6670988; e-mail:


Extension of Data for Profiles Re-Assessment of Enrolled Companies



Specimen of the International Certificate of Polio Vaccination

Specimen of the International Certificate of Polio Vaccination




No. F. 1(1)/ 2014-HP



Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory, once in life time, on adult Muslims having physical and financial capacity. Historically, ‘Hajj’ has been a rigorous undertaking. Although technological advancement has made it easier in many ways, yet there are hardships owing to ever increasing number of pilgrims visiting Makkah Mukkaramah i.e. a city with finite resources including those for accommodation. The Government of Pakistan, being a facilitator, endeavors to make the Hajj experience as comfortable as is possible within the resources available and standards affordable by Pakistani Hujjaj by making extensive arrangements, through a transparent process, so that the pilgrims could perform their manasik-e-Hajj as enshrined in Quran and Sunnah. However, the pilgrims should appreciate the limitations of Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony and Interfaith Harmony and desist from defaming and maligning Hajj arrangements unnecessarily.


“Serve and facilitate the intending pilgrims with commitment and dedication so as to enable them to undertake their religious obligation with ease and peace of mind.”


The Policy aims to develop plans for efficient Hajj arrangements during 2014 in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia through providing services and logistics which include affordable accommodation, transportation and health care during their stay at Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah in line with Saudi Taleemat and Government of Pakistan’s policy.


Hajj quota of 179,210 was allocated in Hajj 2011 by the Ministry of Hajj, KSA with the ratio of 1000 pilgrims per one million Muslim inhabitants, in accordance with the decision taken in the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Organization of Islamic Conference in the year 1987. This quota was however reduced by twenty percent (20%) in Hajj 2013 due to expansion plan of Haram Sharif and was accordingly fixed 2 at 143,368. As per agreement concluded between Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia on 22-01-2014 at Jeddah, the Hajj quota for Pakistan has been fixed as 143,368.


(I) The following agreements have been made for Hajj arrangements 2014 by the Government of Pakistan with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and other Saudi Authorities to be enforced in letter and spirit as per past practice:-

  • Ministerial level Agreement for Hajj arrangements of Hajj Season-1435H(2014) signed between Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, GOP and Ministry of Hajj Affairs, KSA, signed on 22-01-2014.
  • Agreement between Maktab-ul-Vokala (United Agents Office), Jeddah, KSA and Pakistan Hajj Office, Government of Pakistan, signed on 21-01-2014.
  • General transport contract signed between Naqabah Siyarat(General Transport Syndicate), KSA and Pakistan Hajj Office, Government of Pakistan, signed on 21-01-2014.
  • Agreement of providing additional service signed between Moassassah Muttawify Hujjaj South Asia, Makkah Mukarramah, KSA and Pakistan Hajj Office, Government of Pakistan, signed on 20-01-2014.
  • Agreement on arrangements and requirements of Hujjaj for Hajj season-1435H(2014) signed between National Adillah Establishment, Madina Munawwarah, KSA and Pakistan Hajj Office, Government of Pakistan, signed on 23-01-2014.


  1. After an in-depth analysis and consultation with all stakeholders, Hajj Policy-2014 has been formulated by modifying the previous policy- 2013 in accordance with the recent agreement concluded with the Ministry of Hajj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To capitalize on the experience gained in Hajj-2013, two consultative workshops at Lahore (02-12-2013) and Karachi (12-12-2013) were held for broad based consultation-with stakeholders i.e. Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs), Air carriers, master trainers, religious scholars, media and civil society, as well as some of the Hujjaj who performed Hajj in 2013 and the representatives of designated banks. Proposals/ suggestions received in the Ministry have been given due consideration.
  2. As per direction of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its judgment C.A/800-L to 802-L/13 dated 27-08-2013, a committee headed by the Secretary Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony comprising representatives of Attorney General of Pakistan, Ministry of Law & Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Competition Commission of Pakistan have reviewed and finalized the policy draft.
  3. The policy shall be implemented/ enforced by the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony with adjustments as deemed necessary.

7. HAJJ SCHEME 2014:

  1. As a policy, there shall be NO free Hajj.
  2. For Hajj 2014, there shall be two schemes i.e. “Government Hajj Scheme” for those applicants who intend to perform Hajj under Government arrangements and “Private Hajj Scheme” for those who want to make their Hajj arrangements through Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) in accordance with Service Provider Agreement between HGOs and Ministry.
  3. Out of the total Hajj quota of 143,368, 50% would be allocated to Government Hajj Scheme which provides an economic package with reasonable facilities for the pilgrims while balance 50% would be allocated to Private Scheme i.e. Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) on the concept of ‘public-private partnership’ to provide choice and competition in the market. In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concluded between the Ministry and Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) on 14-07-2013, the Ministry would allocate a quota of 15,000 pilgrims of Government Scheme to Private Scheme on prorate basis to HGOs functional in Hajj 2013, excluding companies who went into litigation and were allocated quota of 425, from Government Scheme in August 2013.
  4. Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony reserves the right to re-adjust the share of pilgrims to government and private schemes as expedient.
  5. Applications for Hajj-2014 under Government Scheme would be invited in March 2014.
  6. Applications for Government Hajj Scheme will be invited on the principle of “First come, First serve” basis.
  7. The criteria for determining eligibility of applicants will be time and date of deposit of Hajj dues with the application form, duly complete in all respect, in the designated banks.
  8. Under the Government Hajj Scheme, shared accommodation @ 4 square meters per haji will be provided with a rental ceiling of SR.3600 per pilgrim.
  9. Shuttle transport will be provided to pilgrims accommodated in buildings beyond two kilometers, except two days before and after Hajj.
  10. An amount of Rs. 15,000 (SR 500), non-refundable, would be charged from the pilgrims, who opt for qurbani arrangements through OPAP, in addition to the regular package as qurbani dues. The qurbani coupon would be purchased from Islamic Development Bank and will be delivered to the pilgrims before Mina movement.
  11. 5% of the total seats under Govt. Hajj Scheme would be reserved and approved by the Ministry, subject to availability:-
  • Hardship and broken family cases.
  • Pilgrims recommended and fully funded by charitable organizations such as Shaikh Rashid Bin Said Al-Maktoum Hajj Foundation, sponsored by United Arab Emirates etc.
  • Public sector/corporate organizations recommending their employees with full funding in labour/low paid categories under their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Applicants belonging to far-flung/rural areas including Gilgit Baltistan and Balochistan etc. due to lack of access to the means of communication.



The following are the mandatory conditions for applicants:-

  1. International Machine Readable Pakistani Passport, valid upto 31-03-2015.
  2. Medical fitness certificate attested by a Medical Officer of any hospital or medical facility of the federal / provincial or local government /Armed Forces, semi-government organization / autonomous body / Corporation. The Medical Certificate should have details of health profile of the applicant for communicating to the Saudi authorities as Saudi Taleemat to generate electronic health file of the pilgrim.
  3. As per Saudi Taleemat, women aged upto 45 years should accompany a mehram for Hajj 2014.
  4. As per Saudi Taleemat, vaccination against meningitis and seasonal flu, etc would be ensured before departure to KSA.
  5. Any person who has performed Hajj during the last five years shall not be eligible for Hajj 2014 except the following:
    • Applicant is proceeding as Mehram of a lady who has not performed Hajj earlier and she has no other Mehram.
    • Applicant is performing Hajj-e-Badal provided application is submitted within due date.
    • In the event of a pilgrim’s demise during his/her stay in KSA, whether natural or accidental, he or she would be buried in Saudi Arabia as per local practice prevailing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



The number of pilgrims under the Government Hajj Scheme would be 56,684. The application forms (duly numbered) having security features would be available from the designated banks free of cost, and would be required to submit in the same bank branch along with Hajj dues. The banks may also receive applications in groups upto 25 hujjaj through group leaders who shall be responsible to lead and facilitate Hujjaj of their groups as per instructions issued by the Ministry.


  1. In the past few years, it has been experienced that the accommodation market of Makkah Mukkaramah operates on the principle of free market economy and exhibits extreme instability and impulsiveness. The situation has further been exaggerated due to ongoing extension plan of Haram Sharif which is likely to be completed by the end of 2015.
  2. Only one category of accommodation at Makkah Mukkaramah will be offered to the intended pilgrims for Hajj 2014 @ SR 3600 with transport to the pilgrims accommodated in buildings beyond 2 KM from Haram Sharif.
  3. The rent of buildings for hujjaj in Makkah Mukarramah shall be charged on actual basis
  4. Rent Of Accommodation At Madinah Munawwarah Accommodation in Madinah Munawwarah would be hired / charged at a flat rate of SR. 500/- per Haji per cycle.


The following guidelines for hiring of accommodation for Hajj – 2014 will be adhered to:-

  1. The determination of rent in Makkah Mukarramah will be based according to distance, services in building, and availability of transport for Haram;
  2. The rent in Makkah Mukarramah shall be charged on actual basis.
  3. The difference in rent will be refunded to the pilgrims in Pak rupees in Pakistan.
  4. As per Saudi Taleemat, 1% of total accommodation under Government and Private Hajj scheme shall be arranged and kept in reserve to meet any emergency by the Pakistan Hajj Office and the HGO’s respectively.
  5. Accommodation will be provided on a shared basis and no refund shall be made to hujjaj for not availing accommodation hired as part of the package under Government Hajj scheme.


A broad based Committee would survey, recommend and hire buildings in Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah to
accommodate Hujjaj in Hajj 2014. The Committee would ensure transparency and observe principles of financial propriety. The
composition of the Committee would be:—


  1. The decision of the majority of members of the committee shall be final.
  2. The hiring committee will abide by the time limit for hiring as given in the annual agreement-2014.
  3. On completion of the hiring process both in Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah, the Director General (Hajj), Jeddah, shall submit a comprehensive report to the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony indicating the area, clusters of buildings along-with rent and a comparative analysis.


The details of Hajj dues (regular package) are as under:—

Each applicant would be required to undertake at the time of submitting Hajj application that before departure, he/she will arrange minimum personal exchange quota (PEQ) of SR. 1500, on his own, to meet personal and qurbani expenditure in KSA.


  1. In pursuance of the Revised Air Service Agreement (ASA) between Government of Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed in 2011, 50% of Government Scheme Hujjaj would be airlifted by Pakistani airlines while remaining 50% would be airlifted by Saudi airlines.
  2. Fifty percent of Government Scheme hujjaj will be transported / airlifted directly to Madina from Pakistan and vice versa.
  3. Hajj Flight Schedule of authorized airlines shall be approved by the Ministry.
  4. Hajj flights will operate from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot, Multan, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkur gateways.


In the meeting of Pakistan Hajj Office with Moassassah Mutawify Hujjaj South Asia in January, 2014, it has been agreed that the Hujjaj of Government Scheme would get the facility of transportation through rail service in Mashair @ SR.250 per pilgrim.


There shall be a Hajj Advisory Committee to advise on policy, planning and management of Hajj operation 2014 in Pakistan as well as in KSA and suggest measures for improvement of the welfare services for Hujjaj. The composition of the committee is as under:-

  1. Minister for Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony Chairman
  2. One Member of the Senate Member Nominated by Chairman, Senate
  3. One Member of the National Assembly Member nominated by Speaker, National Assembly
  4. Minister for Law or his nominee not Member below the level of BS-20
  5. Minister for Aviation Division or his nominee not Member below the level of BS-209
  6. Ambassador of Pakistan in KSA Member
  7. Director General Hajj, Jeddah Member
  8. Chairman/Secretary of Hajj Organizers Member, Association of Pakistan.

The secretarial support will be provided by Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony. The committee may visit KSA, if so required, with the approval of competent authority. The Chairman/Secretary of HOAP would travel on his own expense.



  1. The Government of Pakistan’s policy of engaging Private Sector covers various areas including management, logistics and welfare services to Hujjaj. The policy aims to supplement the efforts of the Government by involving private sector as a partner. The increasing demand for income generating activities to provide key services on the one hand, and the constraints on the Government’s financial and human resources on the other, necessitates that the Government should not act as the sole provider, but encourage/facilitate the private sector to participate in the process of organizing Hajj. As a matter of policy, M/O Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony has been proactively encouraging the private sector for Hajj Management since 2005. As usual, the M/O Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony would sign a Service Provider Agreement with each HGO in 2014, as well.
  2. The Hajj policy-2014 stresses upon building a strong partnership with Private Sector (Hajj Group Organizers) for provision of better services and quality logistic arrangements to the entire satisfaction of Hujjaj, as well as Government of Pakistan and Saudi Government.


In 2013, the Ministry faced prolong litigation on account of numerous write petitions filed in Superior courts, all over the country by the private limited companies regarding enrollment and allocation of Hajj quota. However, honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, Lahore registry vide Order dated 27.08.2013 in CA Nos. 800-L, 801-L and 802-L of 2013 suspended order of Lahore High Court Lahore being Judicial 10 non quorum to entertain policy matters of the government. Accordingly in compliance of the detailed Order of the honourable Apex court, Ministry of Religious Affairs allocated available Hajj Quota of 910 pilgrims to 19 newly enrolled companies purely on merit basis.


There shall be no fresh enrollment of HGOs in Hajj 2014. The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, in pursuance of orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan, enlisted/enrolled 2033 new companies subject to verification/ scrutiny of their profile. The Ministry under took the process of scrutiny of the credentials of all these enrolled companies through six chartered accountant firms and the merit list so drawn by the chartered accountants was posted on website of the Ministry for general information. In response certain enrolled companies made representation on the evaluation/merit position assessed by chartered accountants. In order to provide a fair chance to such companies and to meet ends of justice the merit position of all companies including their profile and detail marks were uploaded on the website to ensure transparency, all companies were given option to prefer for reassessment of their cases in accordance with notified criteria. Last date for submission of reassessment request was fixed as 30.12.2013. Resultantly, 1302 enrolled companies have applied for reassessments which are in process by the chartered accountants for reassessment. The merit list to be prepared by the Ministry on basis of assessment /reassessment of chartered accountants will be deemed as final for allocation of quota subject to availability. Any enrolled company/HGO if went into litigation against Ministry or Hajj Policy, the candidature of such HGO/Company shall be suspended immediately till final adjudication of their case by competent court.


  1. The enlistment/enrolment shall not entitle any company to claim allocation of service business i.e. Hajj quota as a right as it is subject to availability of quota and fulfillment of the requirements of Saudi Taleemat. Besides, the Ministry will not be responsible for securing Munazam Card by the HGOs from concerned Saudi establishment.
  2. For Hajj 2014, the allocation of service business to HGOs functional in 2013 will remain unchanged. However, any company blacklisted by Saudi Govt will not be entitled for operation in Hajj 2014. Further any company penalized by the Ministry on account of its adverse performance in Hajj 2013 would be reviewed for allocation of its service business as deemed appropriate. Further, the case of companies who were penalized due to their performance in Hajj 2012 or due to other reasons for operation in Hajj 2013 including reduction of quota would be reviewed / decided by the Ministry on case to case basis.
  3.  After the finalization of verification and scrutiny process, the Ministry would consider allocation of appropriate quota to the enrolled companies strictly in accordance with the merit determined in the light of the assessment (re-assessment) undertaken by chartered accountant firms.
  4. The allocation of quota to the existing HGO during Hajj 2014 would be subject to decisions of Complaint Disposal Committee (CDC) which has the mandate to process the complaints, if any, as per approved procedure and impose penalties upon the HGOs for violating the provisions of policy and Service Provider Agreement.


  1. All HGOs shall arrange their Hajj flights with the authorized airlines as per Air Services Agreement (ASA).
  2. Compulsory Hajj Dues like Transportation Charges, Moallam fee, Mina Charges, Hujjaj Mohafiz Scheme, Services and Vaccination charges etc. shall be deposited with the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony according to the allocated number of Hujjaj in the Ministry account through banks challan.


  1. As agreed in the meeting for annual agreement of Hajj-2014, the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony shall arrange visas for the Hujjaj under Government Scheme while the Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) would handle visa affairs concerning Saudi Embassy in Islamabad and Karachi in coordination with the Ministry. The HGOs would provide barcodes in accordance with the schedule given in the annual agreement. They would be liable to face legal action for any distress/loss/ damage caused to the intending pilgrims due to violation of package or agreement signed with the Hujjaj.
  2. The details of booking of accommodation and transport arrangements in KSA and flight schedule shall be uploaded on the Ministry’s website for onward transmission to Saudi authorities in line with Saudi Taleemat for visa affixation.
  3. The HGOs found guilty of misusing accommodation / transport agreements in KSA for the purpose of obtaining barcodes/visas would be penalized including denying quota in future.


Each HGO shall sign a Service Provider Agreement (SPA) with the Ministry, on a stamp paper of Rs. 100/-, for necessary planning, management and arrangements regarding the authorized quota in the light of Saudi Taleemat and Instructions of the Ministry. The Ministry shall be the sole authority for interpretation of SPA.


The following shall be the major and minor penalties in case of violation of SPA by the HGOs to be imposed by the Ministry: –

Major Penalty:

  1. Permanent ban/blacklisting.
  2. Suspension for a term of one to three years.

Minor Penalty:

  1. Down-gradation of category leading to reduction of quota.
  2. Forfeiture of cash guarantee/contribution in HCF.
  3. Compensation to the affected Hujjaj.
  4. Cash penalty.


  1. Special Fund named as “Hujjaj Compensation Fund (HCF)”, already established in Hajj policy 2010 by the Pakistan Hajj Group Organizers association of Pakistan, will be utilized to rescue affectees from any fraud committed by any member HGO and for up-gradation of Information Technology system etc.
  2. HOAP may place the deposit under HCF in any of the Islamic banks.
  3. The original amount shall remain un-utilized except for the purpose for which HCF was created. Profit accruing from the said deposit may, however, be utilized for welfare activities/charitable causes by the Ministry in consultation with HOAP.

The instructions/guidelines issued by the Ministry, from time to time, for regulating the affairs of HCF, shall be binding on all HGOs.



(I) The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony being cognizant of the need to provide welfare services including information, health services, facilitation, safety etc. to Hujjaj, would deploy various missions during Hajj 2014. The expenditures on all welfare services would be paid out of available Regular Budget and any short fall would be met out of Pilgrims Welfare Fund. Standard 13 Operating Procedure (SOPs) for each category of welfare service/activity has been notified by the Ministry to ensure responsibility and accountability.

(II) On the basis of experience gained in Hajj 2013, the administrative structure for coordination, management of transport, and overall monitoring of Hajj arrangements established in Hajj 2013 shall be maintained. Pakistan Hajj Office shall also arrange accommodation for the welfare staff deputed in Makkah Mukarramah, MadinaMunawwarah and at Mashair.

(III) The Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) shall establish an administrative structure i.e. Main Control Office (MCO), sector offices in Makkah Mukarramah, Madina Munawwarah and a coordinating office at Jeddah airport under the overall supervisory control ofPakistan Hajj Office.

(IV) The welfare staff of various categories would be drawn from Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony, other federal ministries /organizations / departments and from provinces etc. The nominees of the above establishments would be finally selected / approved by the Ministry.

(V) Increase / decrease in the strength of welfare staff up to 10% may be made by the Ministry in view of actual requirement and availability of resources.


In the year 2014, the Hajj Medical Mission comprising a contingent of doctors, para-medics and ancillary staff drawn from Pakistan Armed Forces and Federal / Provincial Health Departments, shall be deputed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for providing medical cover to the Hujjaj in accordance with following parameters: —

(I) One doctor for 1000 pilgrims.
(II) Two paramedics against one doctor.

The selection of Hajj Medical Mission would be finalized by the Committee of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony, wherever required, consisting of an officer of BS-20 as Chairman, one officer of BS-19, designated Director (Hajj Medical Mission) as members and concerned Section Officer as member/secretary.


A team of 300 Moavineen-e-Hujjaj will proceed to KSA for providing welfare services to the pilgrims in furtherance to the efforts of the Ministry as per following details:—

I) The contingent of Moavineen-e-Hujjaj would be nominated by Police, Civil Defence, Scouts and other public sector organizations to the Ministry for final selection / approval of competent authority.

II) Director Moavineen, of the rank of an officer of BS-20, would be responsible for overall supervision and management of Moavineen-e- Hujjaj.

III) The selection of Moavineen-e-Hujjaj would be finalized by the Committee of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony consisting of an officer of BS-20 as Chairman, one officer of BS-19, designated Director (Moavineen-e-Hujjaj) as members and concerned Section Officer as member/secretary.


Most of the pilgrims do not have any orientation of Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah and have a genuine expectation for appropriate facilitation, guidance and information. The experience in Hajj 2013 have revealed that the welfare staff, who can communicate in Arabic language with Saudi agencies / personnel are more useful for providing such services to Hujjaj. In Hajj 2013, such staff was hired from within Makkah Mukkaramah, Madina Munawwarah and Jeddah to provide various services but due to some change in the Iqma issues as notified by the Saudi government, it is apprehended that during Hajj 2014, the required number of staff may not be available for hiring by Pakistan Hajj Office. The Pakistan Hajj Office would hire local Moavineen of Pakistan origin as per its requirement and in line with the Saudi Taleemat.


A contingent of 270 seasonal staff (170 from Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony and 100 from other Ministries/Divisions and Provincial Governments), would be deputed to Saudi Arabia for establishing facilitation desks in the main control office, sector/sub-sector offices for facilitation/guidance of the Pilgrims. Airfare/Daily Allowance paid to the staff of other Ministries/Divisions and Provincial Governments would be charged to their respective Ministries/Departments.

The selection of Seasonal Staff would be finalized by the Committee of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony consisting of an officer of BS- 20 as Chairman, two officers of BS-19 as members and concerned Section Officer as member/secretary.

No person other than employee of Federal/ Provincial service shall be eligible for welfare duty during Hajj 2014.


The Ministry shall launch an appropriate awareness campaign, employing all channels of communication, to provide information, education, awareness and training to the intending pilgrims. In this connection, a joint collaboration may be established with the Ministry of Hajj Affairs, KSA and other concerned Saudi agencies.


The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (MORA & IH) would continue the Hujjaj Muhafiz Scheme launched in 2011 for risk management under the concept of “Takaful” to compensate the affected Hujjaj/nominee of the deceased Hujjaj in Hajj-2014. Each Haji would be required to contribute a non-refundable amount of Rs. 500/- into the scheme. The amount so collected from the Hujjaj would be deposited in Modarabah Banks in Pakistan. The said Scheme would compensate Hujjaj against the following losses: —

Sr. No. Description Amount
I. Death due to natural causes, road accidents, suffocation or stampede. Rs. 500,000/-
II. Accidental disablement resulting loss of one limb. Rs. 50,000/-
III. Accidents resulting in permanent disablement of more than one limb. Rs. 100,000/-
IV. Repatriation / Emergency evacuation due to illness. Rs. 275,000/-


DG(Hajj), Jeddah will make an endeavor to involve Pakistani Community in KSA to render free of cost services to the Hujjaj both in Makkah Mukarramah and Mashair. The Pakistani community shall be encouraged to provide these services on voluntary basis and with the spirit of extending assistance to their Pakistani brethren.


(I) As per decision of the Government of Pakistan, the requirement of “Abaya” is a part of “female Ehram”. Therefore, every female performing Hajj under Government and HGO scheme shall carry at least two “Abayas” with her preferably in black colour. A Pakistan flag sticker will be affixed on the back of “Abaya” for identification. All the female pilgrims shall ensure that they would wear “Abaya” on departure to Saudi Arabia till return.

(II) All male Hujjaj under Government and HGO schemes would be required to affix Pakistan flag sticker on their Ehrams.

(III) All Hujjaj under Government and HGO schemes must wear identification locket all the times during their stay in KSA.


The Hujjaj shall ensure that their hand carry baggage would not exceed the weight and dimensions specified by the airline i.e Maximum weight of 7 KG (Dimension: 15 inch length, 8.7 inch Width, 21.7 inch height) while the weight of the luggage to be booked should not exceed 30 Kg.

(I) Pilgrims should ensure that their luggage is fully labeled and labels are affixed outside and placed inside all the pieces of luggage showing the Pilgrim’s Name, Nationality, Passport Number, Air Carrier, Building and Flight Numbers.

(II) All Hujjaj are required to move to Jamarat in groups and not as individuals as per Saudi Taleemat. The Hujjaj should not carry any luggage to Jamarat and Haram Sharif.


(I) Implementation of this policy shall be the joint responsibility of the Ministry and all other stakeholders.
(II) Interpretation of any clause or the terms of the Hajj Policy as made by the Ministry shall be considered as final.
(III) The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony may make suitable adjustments in order to bring the policy and plan in conformity with Saudi Government’s orders / instructions and to meet the exigencies of Hajj operation -2014.
(IV) A draft legislation pending to provide for development, regulation and facilitation of Hajj, would be expedited.


The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony developed and launched an electronic monitoring system with the technical support of Punjab IT Board (PITB). The salient features of the system are as follows:-

(I) Hajj help line of entertaining inquires, complaints, etc.
(II) Mobile SMS service for information dissemination.
(III) Android application for complaint registration.
(IV) On-line complaint registration portal.
(V) Hajj Monitoring system along with dash board for officials

The system has in-built mechanism of transferring the un-resolved complaint to the next tier of management for taking appropriate measures. A daily situation report is generated in the form of a dash board for the information and perusal of senior management. Although the system was launched for the first time in Hajj 2013 and Ministry had faced many challenges during this short span of time for its development and execution including training of personnel, yet the response from the pilgrims and other stake holders has been very encouraging. More than 10,000 inquires/ complaints were registered through this system and were successful addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of the complainants.

Monitoring and supervision mechanism for Hajj operation in Pakistan and KSA shall be strengthened to check/review the performance of Government and HGOs Schemes in accordance with the contractual obligations and Saudi Taleemat.




The following are the compulsory Hajj dues payable in advance as per Saudi Taleemat and MORA policy by the intending pilgrims at the time of submitting applications:-



Government of Pakistan 
Ministry of Religious Affairs 
and Inter-Faith Harmony


The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony (MORA & IF), Government of Pakistan seeks the expression of interest from scheduled banks for providing following services on the terms and conditions given below for Hajj – 2014:-

  1. Collection of Hajj application and Hajj dues under Government scheme on prescribed form containing security features to be printed by respective banks, duly complete in all respects and verified by the concerned bank on behalf of the intending pilgrims for Hajj – 2014.
  2. Transportation of the Hajj application forms received in the banks to MORA & IF, immediately after the closing time but not later than 11.00 A.M next day during the process of receipt of applications.
  3. Collection of Passports and transportation thereof, to (MORA & IF) through their respective Coordinator based at Islamabad whose designation, name, phone, cell No., e-mail address must be indicated.
  4. Branch-wise information relating to deposit of Hajj dues and receipt of applications shall be provided to MORA & IF on daily collection basis through their MIS.


  1. The banks have minimum network of 250 branches all over the country.
  2. The bank must be of National level and have presence in each district of Pakistan.
  3. Minimum credit rating as notified by the State Bank of Pakistan should not be less than “AA” .
  4. The bank must have sufficient and trained staff in each branch.
  5. The Ministry reserves the right to accept or reject the bank(s) on the basis of  their performance during Hajj 2013.


  1. Rate of profit payable for retention of Hajj dues for a period of 60 days (to be treated as grace period) against the services to be rendered by the Banks. This grace period will commence with effect from closure of receipt of Hajj applications by banks.
  2. On expiry of 60 days, the amount collected as Hajj dues shall be remitted by the Banks to MORA & IF. For late transfer of any amount, concerned Bank shall be liable to pay the profit at the competitive rates and not less than the rates being offered by the bank on daily product basis as per mutual agreement.
  3. MORA may request banks at any time to transfer the collected amount on need basis even before expiry of 60 days period.
  4. The interested Banks shall indicate their credit rating, status, and detail of Branch network specifying the Branches having online connectivity.
  5. Banks are required to disseminate information amongst the applicants about the designated branches and period of application. Banks may highlight the specific facilities to be offered by them to the hujjaj.
  6. Banks would be required to make payments, if any accrued to the applicants on account of differential of accommodation & transport by establishing the booth at Haji Camps throughout the country. Further Bank would arrange refund of hajj dues against special refund authorities issued by Ministry of Religious Affairs. An appropriate amount will be placed at the disposed of Bank for above payments. Banks shall submit refund Accounts of all payments.


  1. A committee notified by MORA & IF will evaluate the documents submitted by the interested banks for finalization.
  2. The MORA & IF reserves the right to examine / verify the supportive documents / reports furnished by the banks through any third party/source etc.
  3. The MORA & IF will determine the eligibility on the basis of rate of profit, credit rating of the applicant with the State Bank of Pakistan, branch network, online connectivity, features / facilities offered by the bank and past performance of applicant bank etc.
  4. Banks, so designated shall enter into a formal agreement with MORA & IF well before the receipt of applications.


  1. Scheduled Banks interested in providing the services on the terms and conditions detailed above may submit their bids/offers on prescribed “Form” available with the office of the undersigned within 10 days of publication of this Expression of Interest. After stipulated time no bid will be entertained.
  2. The bid in a sealed envelope mentioning “Expression of Interest” from scheduled Banks should be sent to the undersigned.

(Shahzad Ahmad) 
Joint Secretary (Hajj) 
Ministry of Religious Affairs and 
Inter-Faith Harmony 
Main Civic Centre, Near GPO, 
Ph:# 9201688


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