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Internet Marketing Trends 2014 That Will Dominate

Internet marketing has of late taken the world by storm. More and more people are turning to the internet for marketing their products. With this in mind, we can predict what internet marketing trends 2014 is more likely to dominate the year 2014.

Internet Marketing Trends 2014 That Will Dominate

Content Marketing

internet-marketingBy creating content through a variety of channels, companies have gained more acceptances from clients. According to reports from Content Marketing Institute, social media, eNewsletters, articles on a business website, articles on other websites and videos are the top B2B content strategies online. With this trend in mind, it seems that marketing through business channels like radio and televisions ad is getting lesser and lesser and can only get worse with the coming year.

 Image Centric Content

Consumers are getting bored with the increasing number of advertisement on their sites. Due to this, companies are trying to make their content more accessible by using images. If you can take a close look at the various social Medias that we have mentioned above, all of them use images in every advertisement. With this trend in mind, it seem that the traditional way of writing content for the purposes of advertisement is soon going to get extinguished from online medias.

 Less Will Be More

When watching keenly, there is a trend that is shaping up in the online market. Consumers are more and more getting to prefer simplistic content instead of detailed messages. For instance if you look at the top leading brands in the world like Apple, they have of late preferred simplicity.

Consumers are getting overburdened with detailed content and are now looking to brands that can offer them a solution to that.

 Mobile Friendly Content

Due to the increasing use of tablets, mobile phones and smartphones, it is imperative that companies need to come up with content that can be accessible by mobile users. According to reports by Forbes, by the year 2017 mobile use will make up 87% of connected devices.

Now that there is a transition from traditional use of PCs and laptops to mobile use, there is need to create content that suits mobiles. Our prediction is therefore that the coming year (2014) is likely to see this trend getting more momentum.

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