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LinkedIn Features You Should not Miss


LinkedIn is a social networking website. It is helpful for people who are career oriented or people who are always in quest for talent.

LinkedIn is useful for you no matter you’re a marketing manager, an organization, a business entrepreneur or even a college/university student looking for different career opportunities. There are about three million plus companies registered on LinkedIn that daily updates new and innovative information.

How to Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform in which a person looking for a great career connects with professionals and explores new opportunities. LinkedIn can also be used on cell via LinkedIn app that can be downloaded through google Play.

On LinkedIn, you add connections in order to connect with other people. Almost all career oriented people over the globe use LinkedIn. People make free LinkedIn account but a person can update to premium account as the features and options increase in the premium package. In the premium package you can know who visited and viewed your profile, while this feature is not available in basic LinkedIn account.

Features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn new user interface is quite changed from the old version after the update. The colors of the display bar are more attractive than before and are changed after nine long years. It looks better than before and more aligned with the cell phone app.

The new layout also offers the option of article writing. If a person wishes to write and publish an article, he can do so through LinkedIn and share it globally. In previous layout, there was option of Profile which is upgraded and changed to ‘Me’. The new homepage looks cleaner than the old version homepage. The newsfeed have posts on the left hand side and updates are on the right hand side which makes it convenient to use.

Premium service of LinkedIn also offers advanced search. In the advance search you can search anything like groups within the groups, be more specific about your area of education and experience, different functions and seniority levels, and the company size.

Another feature of LinkedIn is that you can customize the background image or upload your own background video and change it whenever you want but this feature is available only for premium users. The premium package is useful than the basic service as when any organization or company posts a job, profiles of premium users will bubble up on top and the basic customers would fall down below on the list therefore it gives a little bit of the advantage for being a premium user.

LinkedIn, no doubt, is a one of the best jobs seeking websites available to everybody. The key to being successful on LinkedIn is having a well-written profile and active networking with relevant contacts. Make sure to complete your profile. Your profile pic should be a professional one. Include links where your potential employer or prospects can find you online. Follow these instructions and see LinkedIn working towards building your reputation.