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Niagara Falls Froze Completely?

There is hot debate on social media about one of the famous falls in world located on the border of United States of America and Canada. The debate is on the topic that Niagara Falls Froze Completely or not? This debate was started after the recent cold snap which affected some 240 million people in the US and southern Canada.







Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States; more specifically, between the province of Ontario and the state of New York.

So the answer to the question is that Niagara Falls hasn’t frozen over, but it has become an icy spectacle, thanks to a blast of arctic wind and cold that blew around and froze the mist on surfaces and landscaping, reported Dawn News. Despite the urban legends, Niagara Falls doesn’t freeze solid in the winter, tourism officials say. A section of the American Falls, one of three waterfalls that make up the natural attraction, has frozen. The Niagara River rapids and larger Horseshoe Falls continue to flow unimpeded.

The Niagara Falls are renowned both for their beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. Managing the balance between recreational, commercial, and industrial uses has been a challenge for the stewards of the falls since the 19th century.

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