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Raasta – Lodhi’s Career Maker or Career Breaker


The situation of Pakistan film industry is always been confusing. It has never enjoyed that status which Hollywood and Bollywood enjoy.  It gives us one or two good movies to see in many years. The rate of good and successful movies is really down. However, we can never deny a list of really good movies provided by the same industry such as “Khuda Kay Liay”, “War”, “Bin Roye”, “and Bol ”and“ zindagi kitni haseen hai”.

The reputation of Pakistan film industry gets better with each good movie. But reverse happen when a movie happens to greatly disappoint viewers.

The same happened with the Sahir Lodhi’s movie “Raasta”. The movie badly disappointed viewers. Those who watched are regretting to spend their hard earned money on it. Internet is getting continuously bad reviews about the movie. According to reports, the movie caused huge loss to distributors. In first five days of its release, it could do business of 23 lac only. On the day of release, only 75 people in a 600 seat hall were there to watch the movie.

So what exactly has disappointed viewers? Is it weak script, rubbish story or technical faults? Let’s see what declared this movie as a flopped one.

Technical faults

Leaving all other aspects, the film is a technical failure. There is poor synchronization of audio and video at various places. The color grading is also of poor quality with white balance totally ignored. No attention is paid to the color and lighting making the movie unpleasant to see.


Not confirmed whether it was over confidence of actors or something else, it seems they all are acting for the first time in life. Either they are over-acting or under-acting deterring the true essence of scene. There is absolutely no scene in the movie that we can say is truly depicted by actors. Shamoon Abbasi is the only actor who acted sensibly but he got only screen minutes.

Weak Story

The movie has a very weak story and poorly written dialogues. While seeing movie you may feel as if you are seeing some movie from era of 90’s. The story has nothing new or innovative that could have contributed to make it successful.

Irritable scenes

Although the movie has multiple scenes that tend to irritate viewers, but spitting is one such action that is shown again and again in the movie. This looked really disgusting. If you have watched the movie, I am sure you must have this question in mind that why Lodhi is spitting too much; spitting when his adversaries are alive, spitting on enemies when he killed them, his allies spitting on his attackers and so on. This throwing of saliva did nothing good instead brought nauseated viewers.

Despite of all these shortcomings, I will still suggest you to see the movie to experience it by yourself. Written and directed by Sahir lodhi himself, this movie questioned his career in film industry. Even in Television, Sahir lodhi has more negative reputation, this movie deteriorated it further.

With this movie, we should stay optimistic about Lodhi that failure of this movie will teach him what to avoid and what to do in his next movies.