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It is Summer! It is Fun! Stay hydrated!


The sudden change in weather, heat wave and rising temperature is making it difficult for people to step out of their homes and carry out their everyday tasks. Heat exhaustion and sunstroke/heat stroke are serious issues one must need to watch out while spending their time in sun. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two different terms: heat exhaustion is loss of water and salt from the body leading to tiredness and weakness while heat stroke is a medical emergency in which body temperature is elevated up to dangerous level, often accompanied by dehydration.

In case of high temperature, your body automatically cools itself through sweating. But if you are dehydrated, your body starts trapping in the heat, slows down the sweating process and lead to heatstroke.

High body temperature, absence of sweating, rapid pulse, difficulty in breathing, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, disorientation are few symptoms of heat stroke.

According to doctors and nutritionists, diet plays an important role to prevent a person from heat stroke. Following are some suggested diet remedies for heat stroke other than water and fresh juices.


The best of all remedies is buttermilk. It not only helps to cool your body temperature but also releases excess body heat effectively. You should take a glass of buttermilk once or twice with daily meal. Prepare buttermilk from fresh curd, add a little salt and some ground cumin seeds for flavor and to increase nutrients.


Your daily diet should include a lot of onions. Having immense cooling properties, onions are considered best for prevention of heat strokes. You can take onions in salads and in cooking as well. If ever you suffer from a heat stroke, use this remedy: Take a teaspoon of onion juice and mix it with honey. Use it twice a day for quick relief.


Watermelon is considered as a heavenly fruit in summer. It has approximately 92 percent of water content and helps in quick recovery from heat stroke. It quickly compensates the lost fluids and normalize the body temperature.


Like watermelon, this green veggie is also made up of water. According to a research from the Institute of Medicine, cucumbers are 96 percent water. So a cup of cucumber is equal to a glass of water. Use them as often as you can; as a quick snack, in sandwiches or in salads. With plenty of dietary fiber, you can also use cucumbers in your weight loss plan. Vitamin C in cucumbers helps to restore UVA/UVB effected skin.


According to a research from the Institute of Medicine, being composed of 20 percent of water, kiwi can effectively treat dehydration problem. It contains “Potassium” which is an important electrolyte helpful in muscle contractions. For the patient suffering from heatstroke, Kiwi can regulate kidney function and keep heart pumping. Try to eat a bowl of banana and kiwi for an ultimate boost in potassium before your next workout.
So, include these highly recommended fruits in your diet to combat harshness of summer season. Take these refreshing fruits and have fun-filled summers.