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Taking a Break from Overwork


If you find yourself very much familiar to the title of this article, that’s just fine. In this fast paced world, there are many who are going through damages of overwork and really want to have a break to relax and calm down their nerves.

Most likely it’s not wrong to say that you may not be able to change your routine on immediate basis. But consider trying some of the following tips on experimental basis to bring a change in your routine:

Take time to refresh

Consider sparing some time for yourself. If not more, then at least 10 minutes a day for doing yoga to refresh your mind and body. It is a quiet well-known fact that yoga provides you deep thinking. It not only reduces your stress level but is also effective in keeping your focus.

Practice playful engagement

“Learn with fun” is always considered good to keep your interest in work. You may consider listening to your favorite music. Try to find an element of fun in your work. In this way, you will not only enjoy work but also will be able to complete it quickly and effectively.

Get a health check-up

Many studies have shown that working consistently with no breaks seriously affects your productivity and deteriorate your health. Moreover, an inactive lifestyle, little or no exercise and poor eating habits make your lifespan even shorter.

An annual physical checkup is a good idea for anyone, but especially for someone with an inclination towards working for long hours. This is how you can make sure that your work is not overriding your health.

Challenge yourself to an electronics-free evening

These days we have been surrounded by use of electronic devices emitting electromagnetic rays that adversely affect our health. Putting them aside and sparing some time for yourself is always considered a better idea to help you feel much more relaxed and full of life. You can find enough time for you and your family by avoiding usage of these electronic gadgets.

Take time to plan a real vacation

Planning a vacation allows you to break your routine. You may have heard someone saying that he is advised to take a break and go for vacation. Doctors give this advice to their patients suffering from depression. Relaxing for a while and getting your workload off for some days, spending time with your loved ones may help you gather your energy and get back to work more enthusiastically.

We are not suggesting throwing your work behind your back and do not even bother to remain concerned. But the idea is that you should keep a work-life balance. Make a schedule, assign your tasks to someone responsible and earn some time for you.

If your commitment has taken your career to the next level, that’s great. But keep that fine distinction line in place between commitment and overwork.

If you are overworked, now is the time to step back and spare sometime for you. It is very likely that you find all of the above ideas a bit difficult to practice but certainly not impossible.